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NEWS :: Looking for osrs gold making guide 2018? This guide is about osrs gold from herb & hops runs.2018-04-28

One of the Osrs Gold Making methods that I gain a lot of 2007 rs gold from is doing a herb and hops run. I ‘d like to share this guide to help others that have also fallen victim to the sand casino. For those unfamiliar with what a herb run is, here's the rundown:

1. You plant herb seeds in herb patches located around Runescape. There are a total of 7 herb patches in which you can plant, although two are locked behind quests and another requires the Morytania Elite diary.

2. After about 80 minutes, the herbs will have fully grown. You then go back to the patches to harvest the herbs.

3. Replant the seeds and repeat.

You gain profit depending on how many herbs you're able to harvest in a run. For a hops run, you do the same thing with yanillian seeds which will grow into yanillian hops (used as payment for mahogany trees). Each herb run can net you around 100K-150K if you have access to 6 of the herb patches. Each hop run can net you around the same amount. This totals to about 200K+ per run, which isn't bad considering that you don't spend that much time per run (5-10 minutes).

You can make a timer that goes off when your patches are done, but I find it more casual just to do a run and then remember to do another run 2 hours down the line after doing Slayer or whatever.

Requirements:  32 Farming

This lets you plant and harvest ranarr weeds, which is usually the best profit for any seed depending on the market (snapdragons give almost the same profit but require 62 Farming).?

32 Farming is the only actual requirement you need if you want to just get started. This is because you can simply buy everything else for the herb/hop runs. If you want to make a decent amount of profit, here's a list that'll help with herb runs:


The difficulty ratings are assuming that you don't already have completion of the tasks and don't have the skill requirements met for the quests (if the task requires it).

The star ratings are how much the tasks are worth doing. Ratings with more ★stars means they're more worth doing.

- Completion of Priest in Peril


RATING: ★★★★★

This unlocks access to a herb patch in Morytania.?

- Completion of My Arm's Big Adventure, Eadgar's Ruse, and 61 Magic


RATING: ★★★★☆

The first quest unlocks an additional herb patch in Trollheim that will always be disease-free, meaning whatever seed you plant here will never die. Eadgar's Ruse unlocks the Trollheim teleport and requires 61 Magic to cast.

- Completion of Ghosts Ahoy


RATING: ★★☆☆☆

SUBSTITUTE: Fenkenstrain's Castle teleport tablet

You gain an Ectophial as a quest reward, which teleports you near the Ectofuntus. This is near one of the herb patches. You can instead buy the Fenkenstrain's Castle teleport tablet (no requirements to use) to teleport near the patch.?

- Obtaining a Xeric's talisman from Zeah


RATING: ★★★★☆

This is a rare drop from lizardmen, which require 5% Shayzien House favour to be able to kill. Without this, getting to the herb patch in Zeah won't be worth going for.?

- At least 50% Hosidius House favour in Zeah


RATING: ★★★★☆

This is not required to access the herb patch in Zeah, but it causes the patch to become disease-free like the one in Trollheim. Note that if you're going to get both Hosidius and Shayzien favour, make sure to get 100% in one house so that you don't lose favour trying to gain favour in another.

- Completion of Enlightened Journey


RATING: ★☆☆☆☆

SUBSTITUTE: Explorer's ring 2/3/4 or a charged amulet of glory

This lets you gain access to the balloon transport system which is an easy way to get to the hops patch in Entrana. Alternatively, you can use the ring or glory to teleport you near Port Sarim and the ships that travel to Entrana.

- Obtaining the music cape


RATING: ★★☆☆☆

The teleport on the music cape places you very close to the hops patch in Camelot. Getting the cape itself requires unlocking almost all the songs in the game, so unless you've been playing for a while, you don't need to worry about getting this.

- Completing the Morytania elite diary


RATING: ★★★☆☆

You unlock a herb patch after this diary, but unless you already have the requirements for the diary (the highest being 96 Fishing or 91 with a boost), you don't need to worry about getting this.

- Completing the Ardougne hard diary

DIFFICULTY: Hard go figure

RATING: ★★☆☆☆

SUBSTITUTE: House teleport to Yanille or the minigame teleport to Nightmare Zone

The diary lets you configure the Watchtower teleport to teleport to Yanille and places you right next to the hops patch there.

- Completing Lunar Diplomacy


RATING: ★★★★☆

The quest unlocks the Lunar spellbook which has access to spells that are great for use in herb runs such as Fertile Soil, Catherby Teleport, and Spellbook Swap (swapping to the Arceuus spellbook to use Resurrect Crops). Certain Magic levels are required for some of the spells with 96 Magic, 92 with a Magic potion boost, being the highest.

Having access to an Occult altar is highly recommended if you'd like use other spellbooks for things like Slayer or PvP, although using another player's altar is much easier to get to if you can't build one yourself. Go to the Taverley house portal in World 330 and you'll often run into others hosting their house that usually has everything already built inside, including the occult altar.

Setting Up


I'll be working on this in the future. I know I haven't actually gotten into how to do a run, but hopefully you guys like what you see so far.

Note 2: I've been doing stuff IRL and I forgot to update the guide in the process, expect an update by the end of this month...or so.

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