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OSRS PC/Mobile Items

Product NamePriceBuy now
Abyssal whip $9.50USD Buy Now
Air rune $0.56USD Buy Now
Amulet of fury $14.56USD Buy Now
Armadyl godsword $96.66USD Buy Now
Blood Runes $1.60USD Buy Now
Body rune $0.55USD Buy Now
Chaos rune $0.94USD Buy Now
Cooked lobster $4.96USD Buy Now
Cooked Shark $4.20USD Buy Now
Death rune $1.55USD Buy Now
Dragon bones $10.84USD Buy Now
Dragon full helm $79.85USD Buy Now
Earth rune $0.56USD Buy Now
Elysian Spirit Shield $1069.00USD Buy Now
Fire rune $0.06USD Buy Now
Flax $0.59USD Buy Now
Law runes $1.27USD Buy Now
Lobster $1.53USD Buy Now
Magic logs $7.88USD Buy Now
maple logs $0.26USD Buy Now
Mind rune $0.37USD Buy Now
Nature Runes $1.30USD Buy Now
party hat set $9.99USD Buy Now
Pure essence $0.49USD Buy Now
Raw Shark $6.20USD Buy Now
robin hood hat $8.00USD Buy Now
Rune essence $0.36USD Buy Now
Soul Runes $1.60USD Buy Now
Water rune $0.09USD Buy Now
Yew logs $3.50USD Buy Now

Customer TestimonialsMore

  • Aaron Dean2017-11-02

    Troy Is the best. Extremely fast. Less then 5 minutes. guy deserves a raise accounts4rs.Best servicee ever!!!

  • Mr Et2017-10-19

    Just got a level 120 account. Hopefully I keep this account forever. Customer service dealt with all my annoying questions.

  • jasper91262017-09-05

    Been using this site for 5 years, bought 1B from them like a month ago, was not sure if it would go through as the guy was saying pay with western union but i paid with paypal instead, still worked, got my money in 3 trades, trustworthy and thumbs up from me :)

  • Ronnie2017-09-01

    Most legit site ever bought over 300m .... a few power levels and firecape service only thing is they are different time zone so be patient with account service I love waking up to seeing my account with a lot of gains

  • Kenneth2017-08-25

    I came to this site skeptical as hell but when i realized that the customer sewrvice agents were not robots and they gave me some awesome suggestions for some accounts i plan to buy and after reading everyone elses success stories i have 100% confident this site can indeed be trusted ironically there is another site called food4rs that is not related to this site yet for some reason they have similar names which i find weird but i have trusted them to for years and will give this site the same opportunity to gain me as a customer